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The business environment should function similar to an engine, while the startups are the fuel. The dynamic of the engine became more and more accelerated in the last years, therefore the question is:

·       Are startups prepared to embrace the continuous change and accept the challenges?

One of these challenges is to source, maintain and create performance through people in an ever-changing business environment,

Since you have asked yourself at least once the following questions, we challenge you to find together the answers.

·       How come a start-up can be attractive for specific employees?

·       What can I do to engage and retain the employees in a scarcity star-up environment?

·       How is possible to maximize performance and face the discontinuity of the projects flow?

·       How the HR tasks can be managed without a dedicated resource?

We launch for you the challenge to see this topic from the perspective of entrepreneurs and their mindset to cope with an environment where constraints can be overcome though promoting values, attitudes and behaviour.


Speaker: Ioana Dragnea