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When launching a business, one question inevitably appears: Will we set ourselves apart from the rest?”
What makes us better? Why would clients choose US?
The key answer is “competitive advantage”. Everyone has a different competitive advantage and everyone sets themselves apart from the others with important details. It is wise to correlate our advantages with our clients. Then, with a sustained effort and a high quality o service, clients will stay loyal and recommend to others.
In a world living at such high speed, infirmation is everywhere and sales mean, in the modern world, creating a trustworthy environment, differentiating yourself from the rest of the competition and understanding your clients, creating a unique, complete experience.

The same cup of coffee can be had at the coffee machine on the hallway, at a coffeeshop downtown or on the peak of a mountain. Which of them will be better, and which of them will be more worthy to remember?


Speaker: Marius Ioan