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"According to the reports and estimates of the main players in the Romanian online market, together with GPeC, the value of online purchases exceeded the threshold of 1.8 billion euros in 2016, almost 30% more than in 2015, when there were registered 1.4 billion euros. In average, this would mean that the Romanians spend about. 5 million euros each day shopping online, "GPeC said.

It is unquestionable that the e-commerce market can be a business world where, with the right idea and sufficient know-how, a profitable venture can be developed. Even so, on the Romanian market there are over 20,000 .RO sites that have a "add to cart" function, and can be considered online stores, of which only approx. 5000 are relevant enough to taken into account, from the point of view of website traffic and online orders.

Developing and managing an online store is actually a mix of ingredients, in order for it to be successful and not just a beautiful online facade.

In this workshop, we will focus on the introductory elements of each chapter. It is dedicated to those who want to find out how to develop an online business through an online store and who do not have specific technical knowledge.

The example will be done on WordPress-compatible WooCommerce.



Workshop structure:

- What is an online store and which are the most popular platforms we can build one with

- Introduction to the Internet

- Choosing the hosting service and domain

- What products can you sell online

- The web design process - from structure to visual

- The homepage - how to have a good conversion rate

- SEO - Introductory notions

- Coffee break - 15 min

- Google, Internet Explorer, Mozilla - how indexing and search engines work

- Authentication, configuration of specific settings and content management - text, images, modules, languages, widgets, filters, categories etc.

- Adaptability (mobile responsive) and UX concept (user experience)

- Getting started with online marketing (social media marketing, e-mail marketing, Google campaigns)